The Photo Studio Club was originally set up as a way to make photo studio use affordable and to provide a community for our client family.  It became quickly popular and created a fellowship that helped the studio to grow and succeed.

With the sale of the studio, the original purpose, making studio use affordable, no longer applied.  Our clients, however, still wanted the sense of community that went with the club.

In the past, the club was something that reqired the payment of dues.  We no longer charge people to become a member of the club.  Despite the fact that the club is free, we still offer a good line of benefits for membership.  Since the purpose of the club is to create commaradarie, we now offer the club, as a free service to those who regularly attend our events.


You can become a member in one of two ways;

1.  Purchase pre-paid credits:  As a way to make photography more affordable, we allow people to purchase advance payment credits at a discount.  So, for example, we typically allow people to purchase $300 in credits for just $250.  The credits you purchase can then be used to pay for any events except for "One on One" events, cruises and traveling shoots.  For every $100 in credits you purchase, you get one month of free club membership.

2.  You can attend a cruise:  Every person who attends one of our photo cruises automatically gets a one year membership to the Photo Studio Club.


Members of the Photo Studio club get the following benefits:

1.  They receive a discount on the registration fees for all events.  The discount is at least  $10, but is sometimes more.  That is in addition to the discount you have already received by purchasing pre-paid credits.

2.  Discounts of at least $100 on every cruise you attend.  That is in addition to receiving the one year membership to the club for attending a cruise.

3.  It is not necessary to pre-pay for an event to get the members' discounted price.  For non-members, there is one price if you pay in advance and another price if paid at the door.  Members get the same price, at the door or in advance.  Everyone, gets a $10 discount if they pre-pay at least three days in advance.  That applies to members as well as non-members.  So, as a member, you not only get the member discounted price, but you get the additional discount for registering at least three days in advance..  In addition, members are still able to take advantage of special discounts for registering for multiple events in a single month. 

4.  Four times a year, or about every three months, we offer a free event for members of the Photo Studio Club.  We provide the models, the location and everything else that we always do, free for members of the Photo Studio Club.


Club membership gets you dscounts and free events.  It is a great benefit that is available for free to anyone that either purchases pre-paid credits or attends a photography event.
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